12v halogen socket for LED & halogen lamp


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12v halogen socket for LED & halogen lamp

JAMES offers a wide range of 12v halogen socket. These low voltage lighting solutions all run on 12VDC. LED 12v products can operate on two different types of current: Alternating Current (12VAC LED) and Direct Current (12VDC LED). Not all products operate on both. LED track lighting, often using LED light bulbs with MR16 and MR11 bases also can operate on 12 volt to 24 volt system. EagleLight also offers 12V LED G4 bi-pin lights and 12 volt LED strip lights and 12v LED cove lights.

This is particularly convenient when installing indoor lights when a standard outlet is not available. Other types convert the light socket into a switchable outlet while still allowing for the use of the light bulb. Smoke detectors have also been designed to connect to the 12v halogen socket without interfering with the light bulb’s operation.

قاعدة لمبة هالوجين 12 فولط


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